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Dunn and Rice Design Featured in the D&C

Clay Girouard, President of Dunn and Rice Design, and Gloria Kreitzberg, Director of Business Development and Marketing (Photo: MAX SCHULTE/@maxrocphoto/D&C STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

If someone gave you a round business card, you would notice, right? Sure you would. That’s the point with doing something different. That’s the philosophy used by Dunn and Rice, a local graphic design firm, right down to the attention-grabbing circular cards. 

“We get noticed," said Dunn and Rice marketing director Gloria Kreitzberg. “We want to get (our customers) noticed, no matter what company it is, we can do it...whatever stage they are at, even if it’s a start-up.”

Said company president Clay Girouard, “We’re huge on first impressions.”

The small “full service” firm handles all kinds of jobs, including branding, marketing communication, video production, email marketing and package design. Dunn and Rice’s portfolio includes a re-branding for the Center for Governmental Research, logo designs for St. John’s Home and Colgate Rochester Divinity School, print communications for Xerox and website design for Alleson Athletic.

National clients have included Hasbro, the company that makes toys and games, and Philips, the TV manufacturer. Dunn and Rice has even done a branding campaign for Elvis Presley Enterprises, the corporate entity that represents the business interests of the late king of rock and roll.

John Dunn and Jackie Rice started the eponymous firm in 1987. Girouard, who started there in 1990, bought the firm three years ago as the founders “were looking for the next stage of their lives,” he said. A native of Louisiana, Girouard had just gotten his master’s degree in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology when he joined D&R.


Clay Girouard, president of Dunn and Rice Design, and Gloria Kreitzberg, Director of development and marketing, work Joseph Marasco from RelComm, a local company. D&R produced a video marketing campaign to launch a new product line RelComm was introducing. Dunn and Rice Design is a graphics design firm that focuses on branding, video production, email marketing, and package design. (Photo: MAX SCHULTE/@maxrocphoto/D&C STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

Technology has immensely changed the nature of the work since then, as with virtually all aspects of life. Back then, Dunn and Rice was mainly producing annual reports for businesses and all by hand, Girouard said. Within two years, much of the work was done by computer.

“There were a lot of questions at the time – would it? Could it?” Girouard said. “I remember our first fax machine and how it changed things. Now, it just sits here and beeps once in a while.”

"The technological innovations are wonderful, but the creative process still takes the same amount of time." said Girouard. The annual reports on paper have largely gone the way of the dinosaur, but Dunn and Rice continues the work in a different venue.

“All the info is housed on a Web page,” Girouard said. “To keep (readers’) attention, it has to be exciting, it has to have great content. Graphic design is my passion. It all stems from that.”

Kreitzberg, who started at Dunn and Rice in May and is also director of business development, talked about social media, websites, blogs and search-engine optimization. The latter refers to making your company or product appear higher on search sites like Google. That’s crucial in this online day and age and a big part of her job. 

“Eighty-five to 90 percent of people never pass the first page (on sites like Google),” she said, and vowed “We’re going to make a big splash on the creative side in Rochester.”

That’s how you get noticed, and that’s what it takes to do business. And it can start with something as simple as a round business card.

Alan Morrell is a Rochester-based freelance writer

Dunn and Rice

Founded: 1987.

Address: 16 N. Goodman St., Rochester.

Executives: Clay Girouard, president and creative director.

Employees: 5.

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