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The Quick Guide to Choosing Colors for Your Brand

If your brand were a person, would you be happy to be around them? Like people, branding has a personality, too! The colors you choose can change how people feel about your business. That's why many businesses choose colors that are easy on the eyes and easy to remember. Since each color can represent different things and evoke different feelings, here's a quick guide to choosing the best for your brand.

Study Your Audience

Customer likes and dislikes often change with trends. It's important to know their motives, their buying journey, and their experiences with other brands similar to yours. This data will provide insights into choosing the colors and the type of design that create a unique brand identity.

Study Your Competitors

Like your customers, your competitors' marketing designs could tell you a lot about branding principles in your industry. Look at different businesses to understand the colors, designs, and other elements that make their branding successful. If you fail to look at your competitors, you might end up creating similar-looking logos and websites. During your competitive audit, make sure to consider what your competitors aren't doing, too. Is their website sleek but seems to be missing something? Is their website user-friendly but lacks pizzazz? See how your company can fill in these gaps.

Think of Emotions

The first thing people notice about your business is your website. Your website design should help people trust your brand. Customers associate each color with a different emotion. For example, blue symbolizes loyalty and reliability. According to Zippia, about 40% of businesses choose to use blue somewhere in their logos because it conveys that sense of trust to their users.

Keep It Simple

Think of two to three colors that align with your brand personality. The trick is to go for high contrasting colors and one accent color. This way, your brand will look elegant and memorable without being too confusing for your customers. If you want your design to stand out in the saturated market, choose brand colors that resonate with your audience.

Test It Out

Brand colors can make or break a business. That's why it's important to choose the right hues and tones. For enhanced impact, your website design and brand colors should complement each other. 

Creating something your audience loves can require a lot of resources. If you're looking for help when it comes to what is important when branding your company, give Dunn and Rice a call today!

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