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Graphic Communication & Design

Graphic/visual communication design is a technology that involves using images to pass on a message or information to an audience. It is using a visual hierarchy or process to engage the audience.

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Have you heard the one about: BRANDING?

Welcome to our first in a series of articles to help you gain a better understanding of branding, marketing, and graphic design. Our goal is to offer important information to help your business succeed. But don’t expect to read a lot of advertising industry jargon…we’ll be delivering our messages by telling stories. This time we are covering the subject of BRANDING.

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Strong Museum Breaks Ground on Expansion Project

What FUN we had at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Strong Museum of Play’s new $57 million expansion project, which is part of a much larger development project – the Neighborhood of Play. Why was Dunn and Rice Design invited to the festivities? Read our latest news article and find out!

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Is your logo design making customers see RED?

Whether you’re creating a new logo or updating an existing one, here’s an article to help you determine whether or not the colors you've chosen are chasing customers away subconsciously by evoking feelings of agitation and fear or sending emotional cues that elicit joy, success, and confidence. Read on to learn more.

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