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Our design agency provides a wide range of services to businesses in Rochester, NY, and beyond. Whether you need a custom logo design or a corporate identity system, our goal is to help your company thrive.

Production Art


Production Art Specialists

At D&R our production artists are also experienced graphic designers. They possess both technical and creative skills, pre-press production knowledge, a flair for organization and detail, and a solid understanding of branding and typography. One of our specialties is production art for package design, which requires the graphic designer to possess additional knowledge of the packaging industry as it relates to production art files. Whether your need D&R to create multiple prepress production files for a complex multi-lingual line extension project, or print-ready art files for a product catalog, our production artists will complete the job with precision and timeliness.

Line Extensions Production

A line extension is when a manufacturer of a particular brand adds additional items in the same product line under the same brand name. Line extension approaches include highlighting or offering different product features, variation in product sizes or quantities, or to target different market segments — such as offering the choice of a luxury or budget version of the product. Well-known global brands turn to us for their line extension design and production art needs for many reasons including our graphic design expertise, our problem-solving abilities, our knowledge of preparing files properly for printing, and our attention to detail.

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3-D Package Prototype Illustrations

When designing a new product label or package design, a cost-effective way to tell how the finished product will look without incurring the expense of having a prototype fabricated is to have a professional 3-D illustration created. This is a specialized illustration skill that we have honed for many years. At Dunn and Rice Design we create realistically-rendered 3D images of your product, packaging, or in-store display for purposes such as management review and pre-print sign-off, focus groups, or to create marketing and advertising campaigns before the package has been printed. Our designers are also skilled at illustration, which allows us to offer this service to our clients.

Multi-lingual Package Design

Today’s global distribution of products requires companies to include three or more languages in their package design strategy. This requires a graphic artist to have an understanding of how to design for a global market. For example: a package designer needs to take into consideration the additional space needed to accommodate multiple languages since some languages require 25-35% more area than English. Color also plays a factor since some cultures frown upon the use of certain colors that would seem fine to other areas of the globe. Our clients put their trust in us to develop packaging that will sell globally.

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